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Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 Wines That Are Better Than Sex (In no particular order)

Glen Carlou Chardonnay 2008, South Africa

Butterscotch, citrus, mineral, and smoothness all rolled into one.

Very forgiving chardonnay.  No Californian fruity punch in the face.
Awesome find for $10-$15!

Fleur Du Cap Pinotage 2008, South Africa 
Weird as the pinotage goes. 

Berry with the spicy edge. 

Step out of your comfort zone wine under $15.

Tabor Adama Volcanic Soil Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Galilee, Israel 

Baruch Hashem!  The best excuse to become Jewish and celebrate Passover.

Chocolaty figs, spicy finish.  Sophisticated and full-bodied.

Fairly priced in lower $20s.

Capaia Red Blend 2006, South Africa

Let's get funky!  Yeasty fruit galore.

Rich, heavy, and expensive.

Prepare to pay $45.

Terra Andina Reserva Carmenere 2008, Chile

Tobacco and sweetness with the coffee aftertaste.

Smoother but as substantial as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Can't go wrong for the price under $15.

Xavier Monnot Monthelie Les Duresses 2008, Borgogne, France 

Can I just say that price does matter when it comes to France.

This wine is worth all the $40.

Grassy, polished, sophisticated, yet simple like the field flowers.

Leonard Oakes Frontenac 2009, Niagara Escarpment, New York State 

Another weird gift of a hybrid grape.

Interesting, sharp, and fruity.

Go loco with the local!

Fairly priced at under $15.

Freedom Run Estate Cabernet Franc 2008, Niagara Escarpment, New York State 

Roasted bell pepper paradise.  

You want to swim in this wine. You want to sink into this wine and never lift your head up.  What a great way to go would that be.

You won't even care about the price, and shell out $20 without hesitating.

Chateau Roc De Candale St. Emilion Gran Cru 2005, Bordeaux, France

The French definitely know their stuff.  Once again the price is definitely worth it.

Imagine walking in a mossy woods with the little Red Riding Hood to her little French Gran Mere.

Only for $40 you can have this wonderful fantasy.

Fantinel Celebrate Life Merlot 2007, Friuli, Italy

Celebrate Life!  Enough said.

Smooth fig fruit and Italian La Dolce Vita.

And the best is the price - only $11!

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